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Dimalanta Design Group functions as your off-site, full-service marketing agency. We partner with you to implement the most current multi-channel solutions that best fit your organization’s needs. Trusted by more than 300 clients in a variety of industries, we’re well versed in connecting customers with personalized messages that prompt action in a world crowded with competing voices.


Our mission is to empower organizations – primarily dynamic small- to mid-size enterprises – by offering clarity, distinction and positioning through our proprietary Out&Out Marketing® philosophy, which can enhance brand recognition and lead to sustainable growth.


Confidence  Honesty  Relational
Knowledgeable  Loyalty  Integrity

Dimalanta Design Group’s purpose is to use our God-given talents and skills to the fullest so we can glorify Him through the work we do for others.



Providing full-service marketing solutions means the Dimalanta Design Group team has breadth and depth of expertise. Our marketing, design and public relations professionals have experience in industries ranging from manufacturing to municipalities and real estate to recreation.

Out&Out Marketing®

Out&Out Marketing® is your key to success. We will make a personalized plan for your company to get the best results.

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    Sometimes, the thought of building and implementing a marketing plan can be paralyzing to the small business. Already stretched thin, the idea of accomplishing your strategy can be so overwhelming. Simplicity is key. MORE…

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    The most important part of any marketing plan is that it gets done. No matter how insightful the research or engaging the messaging, it won’t matter if the strategies and tactics aren’t completed and carried out consistently. MORE…

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    In marketing, a “one and done” strategy just won’t work. You need to think of your marketing plan as cultivating a relationship. MORE…

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    Defining your target audience is key to determining how you market towards them. This will drive all of the marketing tools and design resources to reach out to the correct audience, and get the best results. MORE…

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    Failing to ensure that your marketing materials are relevant to your audience is the equivalent of doing nothing at all. In today’s fast-paced, multimedia environment, marketing communication must provide something of value. MORE…

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    Everyone wants to feel like your most important customer. When you have a small to midsize business, you have the advantage of being able to develop personal
    relationships with your customers. MORE…


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