At Dimalanta Design Group, we live and breathe marketing and branding. We applaud fellow organizations hustling to make their businesses successful while acknowledging how hard it can be to implement and execute a marketing plan well. This is why we have crafted simple white papers that can help equip your marketing efforts. We wish you the best of luck!


Don’t over complicate your marketing plan. Be realistic and follow Out&Out Marketing® to execute simple, disciplined and perpetual marketing tactics that are personal, relevant, and targeted.

Benefits of an offsite marketing department

If you’re contemplating your next move with your marketing department you have multiple options — whether it’s hiring a Marketing Director, a whole marketing department or an offsite marketing department, read this first!

the marketing blueprint for manufacturers

We understand your industry struggles and have written a marketing white paper to help you in the pursuit of growing your company to the next level using our SIMPLE approach to marketing.