Dimalanta Design Group is a team of Out&Out Marketers who function as your off-site, full-service marketing department. Trusted by more than 300 clients in a variety of industries for over a decade, we’re well versed in communicating organization’s brand identities in a way that prompts action in a world crowded with competing voices. Our passion is to equip organizations with a brand that evokes awareness, confidence and ongoing engagement. Ernie Dimalanta is Founder and CEO of Dimalanta Design Group, as well as the creator of Out&Out Marketing®. After realizing that many small to mid-sized businesses face similar marketing challenges – namely, lack of time, knowledge and resources to promote their brand – Ernie developed a philosophy that has become the proprietary Out&Out Marketing® plumbline for success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations – primarily dynamic small- to mid-size enterprises – by offering clarity, distinction and positioning through our proprietary Out&Out Marketing® philosophy, which can enhance brand recognition and lead to sustainable growth.

Our Values

Confidence Honesty Relational
Knowledgeable Loyalty Integrity

Our Purpose

Dimalanta Design Group’s purpose is to use our God-given talents and skills to the fullest so we can glorify Him through the work we do for others.



Ernie Dimalanta | CEO & Sr. Consultant, Founder of Out&Out Marketing®

Ernie Dimalanta is the CEO and Founder of Dimalanta Design Group. In 2009, Ernie launched Dimalanta after recognizing a great need to help small to medium-sized businesses effectively brand and market themselves. Ernie’s passion to help companies discover their unique identity and assist them in developing their marketing plan birthed Dimalanta’s proprietary marketing methodology – Out&Out Marketing®. Out&Out Marketing® is simple, disciplined, and perpetual principles that are targeted, relevant, and personal. When companies keep this methodology as their plumbline the growth is incredible, even with a modest budget.



Out&Out Marketing® is Dimalanta Design Group’s proprietary philosophy, developed by Founder and CEO Ernie Dimalanta — it has helped transform more than 300 organizations.

Out&Out Marketing involves executing simple, disciplined and perpetual marketing programs that are targeted, relevant and personal. It’s the most effective solution for small- and mid-size organizations that want to maximize their marketing efforts.









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